The Facts About Acid Reflux

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You’re probably aware there are many things you should do to protect the health of your mouth. Similarly, you might know that certain conditions could affect the health of your mouth. For instance, have you heard that acid reflux can cause several oral health problems?

As you may already know, if you have acid reflux, acid from your stomach can spread into your throat and your mouth. This means your mouth might be exposed to the acids that reside in your stomach. Unfortunately, these acids may weaken the outer layer of your pearly whites, which is usually called enamel. If your enamel is worn away, you’ll probably be more susceptible to problems including cavities. Sadly, if your decay is left unaddressed, it can quickly spread to your other teeth.

Still, there are many things you might be able to do to keep your enamel strong and healthy—even if you have acid reflux. In general, we recommend visiting us every six months for regular checkups, which will give us an opportunity to reverse your erosion before it’s too severe. Moreover, there are some drinks and foods that could damage your teeth, such as acidic foods and drinks. If you eat these foods, you should consider rinsing your teeth out with water.

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