Some Tooth Hazards for Your Consideration

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Though you might think that your teeth are invulnerable tools that can accomplish any task, we disagree. At Scott A. Young, DDS, we’ve seen enough patients to understand that using your teeth for anything other than chewing food can result in damaged or lost teeth and dental emergencies. Watch out for the following activities and protect your pearly whites with a little bit of defensive effort:

Playing contact sports without a mouthguard. Football and lacrosse can be enjoyable, but chest pads aren’t the only protective gear you should be wearing while participating. Without a mouthguard, playing these sports can do serious damage to your teeth. Make sure you’re wearing a great mouthguard before joining in any contact sports.

Wearing mouth jewelry. Mouth jewelry such as lip rings or tongue piercings can cause fissured or chipped pearly whites if you’re not alert while eating or speaking. If you wear mouth jewelry, consider removing it (at the very least) during your dining sessions; we don’t want you to suffer the hurt of a chipped tooth!

Opening things with your mouth. The desire to open things with your pearly whites can be strong, but we ask that you exercise patience! The time you keep opening a package is not worth the time you’ll spend mending broken chompers. Be patient and wait until you can acquire the proper tool for the job.

If you have hurt your teeth already, we can help! Dental bonding, fillings, crowns and veneers can help make your mouth look like new. Give us a call at 704-541-5900 to schedule an appointment with our Charlotte, North Carolina team. Dr. Scott A. Young and the staff at Scott A. Young, DDS will be pleased to see you.