Prevent Cavities Daily Through Effective Oral Care

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When small holes form in the teeth, these are cavities that have developed as a result of oral acid from plaque eating through the tooth enamel. Common signs of cavities are tooth sensitivity to heat and cold, an ongoing toothache, and stains on the teeth. When cavities don’t receive treatment, they can cause you to have dental pain, a severe tooth infection and even tooth loss.

We encourage you to practice the following oral care habits to prevent cavities and improve your oral health:

– Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Using a toothbrush is an important part of cleaning your smile because it removes plaque that can be rinsed away with water alone.

– Consider using a fluoride toothpaste. Many patients find fluoride to be helpful because it naturally protects against cavities by strengthening and repairing the tooth enamel.

– Floss once a day. When plaque is trapped between the teeth, only flossing can remove it from these tight spaces, which is why it’s important to practice this habit daily.

– Avoid sugary food. Foods that are sticky and high in sugar are ideal for plaque because it feeds on these substances to produce acid. If plaque doesn’t have access to sugar, it is less harmful to the tooth enamel.

– Limit your snacking and soda intake. Eating frequently and drinking sugary drinks causes sugar to frequently be on your teeth and allow plaque to create oral acid and damage your teeth.

– Visit the dentist every six months. Your routine dental checkups include important dental exams and cleanings that help to prevent and treat cavities.

– Considering using dental sealants and fluoride supplements. Dr. Scott A. Young can help you determine if these additional services would help you protect your teeth and your smile.

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