Prevent Cavities Daily Through Effective Oral Care

When small holes form in the teeth, these are cavities that have developed as a result of oral acid from plaque eating through the tooth enamel. Common signs of cavities are tooth sensitivity to heat and cold, an ongoing toothache, and stains on the teeth. When cavities don’t receive treatment, they can cause you to… Read more »

Tricks for Top-Notch Gums

You need top-notch gums to have a top-notch smile, which is why our dentist, Dr. , strongly encourages you to clean and care for your gums regularly. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to achieve those goals, and we are happy to tell you all about them. Some tricks to use for top-notch… Read more »

An Oral Night Guard Can Spare Your Smile

Many patients develop a habit of tooth grinding as a result of stress or feeling angry. However, they may not even notice that they are dealing with this condition if it only occurs at night while they are asleep. Known as bruxism, this condition is often not serious then it occurs in younger children, but… Read more »

The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Do you snore while you sleep? Do you wake up tired each day and can’t explain why? If so, you could be suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea should be taken seriously, and to help you understand why, our dental expert, Dr. at in , , has provided you with this information: First, sleep apnea… Read more »

Do You Have a Dry Mouth?

Did you know that saliva performs important roles in maintaining your teeth and gums? One of the functions of saliva is to remove excess food and bacteria particles lingering in your mouth following a meal or snack. Saliva also helps to prevent dry mouth, as this condition allows plaque and tooth decay to thrive and… Read more »

Your Dental Checkup Can Be Used to Apply Dental Sealants

The American Dental Association advises you to have a dental checkup twice each year by a professionally trained dentist like Dr. This simple appointment is a critical part of maintaining a healthy mouth. Each dental checkup performed at is designed to thoroughly remove tartar and bacterial deposits. This also involves monitoring your mouth for early… Read more »

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that is meant to improve the appearance of your smile. Unfortunately, there are many things that can take the beauty away from your smile. Those are things like discolored teeth, uneven teeth, gaps between teeth, and more. Cosmetic dentistry can fix your unattractive tooth characteristics and give you… Read more »

Dental Stains Related to Tobacco Use Can Be Difficult to Remove

Frequent tobacco users are likely aware of the potent staining power of tar, and other chemicals in tobacco products. At the same time, occasional tobacco users can experience significant dental stains on their front teeth. Some individuals struggling with tobacco stained teeth are tempted by the invasive marketing messages used by retail tooth whitening products…. Read more »

There Are Different Methods for Cosmetically Improving Your Smile

An unattractive smile marred by discolored tooth enamel, chronic dental stains, misshapen teeth, or other physical imperfections can have an impact on your self-confidence. If you feel this way, you should consider scheduling a cosmetic dental consultation at . This appointment includes Dr. examining your mouth to get a comprehensive understanding of the imperfections. Then… Read more »

Early Symptoms of Gingivitis Requires Treatment from a Dentist

If you sometimes struggle to remember to brush your teeth each morning and night, or you often forget to thoroughly floss your teeth, lingering bacterial deposits in your mouth could harden into tartar on your teeth. The persistent presence of this bacterial material near the periodontal tissues could easily contribute to the development of gum… Read more »