An Oral Night Guard Can Spare Your Smile

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Many patients develop a habit of tooth grinding as a result of stress or feeling angry. However, they may not even notice that they are dealing with this condition if it only occurs at night while they are asleep. Known as bruxism, this condition is often not serious then it occurs in younger children, but if it lasts into adulthood, it can cause tooth damage over time.

We may recommend that you receive an oral night guard to address nightly teeth grinding and protect your smile from long-term damage. You can recognize signs of teeth grinding such as toothaches, jaw pain and headaches that occur regularly in the morning.

Dr. Scott A. Young is happy to offer recommendations for a night guard to help you prevent damage caused by bruxism. You are welcome to wear an over-the-counter stock night guard, which you take home and boil and then bite into so that it becomes fitted to your mouth. Alternatively, we are pleased to provide a custom night guard created in a professional dental lab that utilizes quality materials and offers a more custom fit that should be comfortable for your smile.

To learn more about night guards in Charlotte, North Carolina, and other effective treatments for bruxism, contact Scott A. Young, DDS at 704-541-5900 for a consultation with our dentist today!